After oversleeping, which is pretty much what I did last night (probably 12+ hours), I got up with much trouble. My only consolation was that it would be the weekend. Not that it would be much help. I’m having trouble shaking off this extreme sluggishness. I don’t even know if it’s related to the weather anymore, or perhaps it still is but I’m starting to feel this emptiness in my chest and that usually coincides with a depressive episode. I’ve almost cried a few times but I’m still keeping it together

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I think that Wednesday is a really nice break in the middle of the week when it comes to meal prep. One, I can stay in a bit later if I want to and two, I can have off days like I did yesterday. But today is a new school and this one doesn’t let me escape during the lunch hour so I had to get out of bed at 6:15. After my morning shower, I got to cooking

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I woke up feeling much better today, which means I didn’t have to miss school! This is something I might have to do a bit frequently in the next few weeks depending on my driving test results so I’m trying to not miss class unless I have to. In general, I don’t like missing work, even though it’s been taking so much effort to get out of bed recently…

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9/12/22 & Driving Test

Today is the day! I woke up around 7:30 and wasn’t entirely sure how the day would pan out. I knew that I would be leaving school early, but did that mean I had to prepare lunch? I suddenly couldn’t remember at what time I had lunch on Mondays

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