It’s the end of the work week! Finally.

Woke up today feeling better but still not great. I also didn’t really know what to make even though my fridge was nice and full. Then, as I was looking around, I found some salmon I bought. I decided to make that since (like usual) I didn’t want it to go bad. It already had a bit of water accumulating on the foam plate. But I didn’t want to make rice so I took this chance to get through a few bags of frozen veggies

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Today was another normal day, except that I’m starting to notice that the nights are getting cold again. Maybe it’s time to pull out one of my winter blankets. I mean, I especially get cold at night so it might also be that. Although most days are still hot and humid. Today was nice and windy but still humid somehow

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I woke up today around 6:00. It’s a little strange still because I get up and do things but I still want to get back into bed and stay home doing nothing. How quickly the body gets used to doing nothing

Was I successful on the meal prep part of the morning? Sort of.

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I canceled my school lunch

Before I moved to Japan, I was asked if I wanted to have school lunch. I instantly said yes for a few reasons. One, I don’t know how to cook all that well (and don’t have the energy to learn) and two, I wanted to eat something genuinely Japanese while in Japan. I opted in.

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