Today was another normal day, except that I’m starting to notice that the nights are getting cold again. Maybe it’s time to pull out one of my winter blankets. I mean, I especially get cold at night so it might also be that. Although most days are still hot and humid. Today was nice and windy but still humid somehow

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9/7/22 & Sports Day

I’ve really been having it easy (in some ways) this week.

I sort of knew that today I didn’t have to feel rushed. I knew I wouldn’t have classes today because of sports day, so I took my time getting ready. I woke up around 6:40 and then got to making some food.

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9/6/22 & Hinnamnor

For some reason, today felt like it DRAGGED. I’m not sure why.

I planned to have a late morning today but ended up waking up before sunrise because the wind was so loud. I even turned towards my window and groaned when I saw that only a few tiny rays could be seen. I tried to go back to bed but it didn’t work out. My window (which is actually a whole wall) kept rattling and I gave up the pretense around 7:00. I figured it worked out since I had to take the garbage out by 8:00

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9/5/22 & Assessing the Fridge

I’ve been pretty good about remembering to take pictures of all the food I make but today I actually forgot, oops! Instead, I will just tell you all what I ate

First off, today was a late day. Mondays for me usually start at around 7:30 to 8:00 since I have to be at school by about 9:30. So if I can somehow be ready to leave my house by 9:15, I can technically wake up at 8:30. I’ve done so very rarely. Today was an early wake-up because my body has started to get used to waking up at 6:30 but also, the sun was so bright, so I couldn’t ignore it. I should buy an eye mask

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I suppose I should say thank you to me from yesterday because I probably won’t need to make much food today. The chicken salad I made yesterday is enough to tide me over for today. Normally, this type of salad is perfect with some tostadas and valentina, but I don’t have either of these two. Instead, I threw some spicy paste in there and then, at my mom’s recommendation, toasted some bagels I’d bought on Friday

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