Hello wonderful people and welcome to this little pocket of the internet

If you stumbled upon this blog, chances are you’re either very lost, want to apply to the JET program, and/or just like to check out blogs about travel, hobbies, and general lifestyle content. I welcome everyone and very enthusiastically urge you all to check out my posts. This is still a growing void of madness but it’s very precious to me as it will be a record of my journey. To where? Nowhere specifically but everywhere I’m monetarily and physically able to visit and experience in my little lifetime! I would also say my journey into adulthood but alas, I’ve been an adult for quite some time now so that wouldn’t be entirely accurate (but also yes, it’s accurate)

But you might be wondering, who the heck are you?

Feel free to call me G and I’ve “been” an ALT for JET since April 2020. I put this in quotes because, as many of you know, the 2020 JET accepted applicants had to place their trips to Japan on hold for COVID-19 reasons; however, now that the dust is settling (slowly but surely, we hope), these plans of travel are once more moving forward!

Which of course was my cue to start up this blog!

Please follow, leave some likes, comment on posts, and share if there’s anything you like on here


Who are you?

Didn’t I already say? Nah, just playing. Call me G and I am just your average queer person. Feel free to use any pronouns respectfully. I’m in my 20s and I like to write. Nice to meet you!

What will you blog about?

JET related stuff, much exploring. There will be many pictures! Anything to do with my hobbies, which vary. I like books, spending the bit of money I have on cute things I don’t need, trying new tasks, playing, art, and so forth. It will be chaotic, but that’s what categories are for (I hope I use them well)

Why “exploringotaku”?

I spent almost an hour trying to think of a name and this is what I decided to use! I wanted to go for wanderlust, travels, and other travel-esque words but JET, at most, will only be for five years AND I’m not sure how long or frequently I will be able to travel for after JET. I didn’t want this blog or the Instagram account to go into disuse so I went with a more general term. As for Otaku, I am both an otaku meaning fan of anime and otaku as in nerd. And a nerd of exploring is also very accurate!

Are you a weeb/weeaboo?

Are you asking me if I like anime? Then yes. Are you asking me if I’m obnoxious and hold Japan on a pedestal because of all the anime I’ve watched, no. But I do get excited about anime so I guess I am a weeb in that sense. Don’t worry, I won’t glomp you!

Did you apply to JET because you like anime?


Where will you be ALTing?

In Japan somewhere in the rural plains of kind of southern Japan

How did you get in with such terrible grammar?

Some of this is intential. This blog is not professional. I;ts just for me. And well, go away fi you don’t like it smh

What are your plans after JET?

Good question, I’m not sure. Live life however I want I suppose

More questions? Drop ’em down below!

p.s. Like all JETs like to say, all situations are different, BUT I’ll try to be helpful. Also, all thoughts are my own

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