After oversleeping, which is pretty much what I did last night (probably 12+ hours), I got up with much trouble. My only consolation was that it would be the weekend. Not that it would be much help. I’m having trouble shaking off this extreme sluggishness. I don’t even know if it’s related to the weather anymore, or perhaps it still is but I’m starting to feel this emptiness in my chest and that usually coincides with a depressive episode. I’ve almost cried a few times but I’m still keeping it together

This is probably why I decided to keep things simple today. I made another runny omelet, which was delicious. This time I didn’t eat it with avocado because they are expensive and I only have one left. I should use it for something else, right? I also decided it would be easy to just make another for lunch. The bad part is that I ended up overcooking it so it was no longer runny. It was just eggs with ham and mushrooms.

i ate in my room so the lighting is terrible, lol

Also, I ended up running late so I didn’t take a picture of my lunch. I also didn’t get a chance to properly pack anything. I just grabbed some leftover pocari and threw some green smoothie into my lunch bag bottle. I didn’t want to risk getting sick again so I skipped taking water to school

But because I was running late, I also apparently forgot to bring a spoon with me. I didn’t realize until it was lunchtime that I had no spoon. I would have normally just taken an eating utensil from the school, but this time they only had chopsticks (out) and I was not going to eat my eggs with chopsticks. I can use chopsticks, but not that well. I also didn’t want to cause “a scene” so I ended up not eating my lunch at lunchtime

  • breakfast: runny eggs with ham and mushrooms
  • lunch: smoothie, pocari
  • dinner: eggs with ham and mushrooms, orange juice, boli

I’m starting to feel the depression coming so I wasn’t surprised when something this simple almost made me cry. Or maybe I already am in one. Anyway, I kept that in and just fiddled around on my phone. And drank my smoothie. I figured that was better than nothing

I ended up eating my food when I got home. I also ended up drinking the rest of my orange juice, I ate my last boli (ice stick), and I drank water. I probably should have drank more but again, it’s been hard to do things recently. Even my house is a mess, ugh

I managed to stay up until closer to 9:00 today, which I think is an accomplishment

– G

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