I think that Wednesday is a really nice break in the middle of the week when it comes to meal prep. One, I can stay in a bit later if I want to and two, I can have off days like I did yesterday. But today is a new school and this one doesn’t let me escape during the lunch hour so I had to get out of bed at 6:15. After my morning shower, I got to cooking

I ended up making two things today. I sort of knew I would be making the wonton wraps again. I’d bought some more wrappers during my quick grocery run the other day so I was a bit excited. This time the filling was meat, potatoes, onions, and cheese. I ended up making five of them. I kind of remember some of the things I didn’t like about the last time I made these so I made some adjustments. Like usual, I cooked the meat first before taking out these sheets

One major thing I didn’t like the last time was the greasiness so this time I decided I’d just wash the pan between uses. I didn’t really need to fry it in the grease. I could just have it brown dry. Plus, some of the greases would probably leak from the meat inside the roll so it would work, right? It did. Also, this time I didn’t make them long rolls.

I had trouble closing some of them and it somehow ended up being easier to fold them into squares (or smaller rectangles). That also made it easier to pack into my containers (minus that really long one, that was the first one I made).

I ended up fitting three of them in my lunch container and for my sides, I had half a slice of avocado and some pineapples.

For breakfast, I decided to make scrambled eggs with ham and mushrooms. I cooked the ham first, then added the mushrooms, and at last, the eggs. I sort of had a last-minute idea and made this a “runny omelet” so instead of mixing the eggs, I just left them on top and covered the pan up with a lid so the eggs could cook slightly. They were runny because the yolks weren’t cooked through. I threw some cheese on top and ate this with avocado

I did feel a bit weird eating my lunch at school this time because it was more meat-based and the protein portions at school tend to be very small. I ended up only eating two of my three packed rolls. I think it might have been partially me being over-conscious and partially me being full. I figured that if I was still hungry, I’d just eat it between my drive to my second school

  • breakfast: runny omelet with ham and mushrooms, half an avocado
  • lunch: meat wraps, pineapple slices, half an avocado
  • snack: ice cream

I did end up getting sick today. This time it was a stomach ache. I felt like every time I drank water it only made it worse so I did stop drinking water while at school. I didn’t want to have to go home early or leave one of my classes. But I wasn’t sure why the water was making me sick. This is probably the second time this has happened.

When I got home I pretty much knocked out within the hour (I had been falling asleep at my school), which was a major oops. I forgot to put away my leftovers. But I did eat an ice cream and it was delicious

– G

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