I woke up feeling much better today, which means I didn’t have to miss school! This is something I might have to do a bit frequently in the next few weeks depending on my driving test results so I’m trying to not miss class unless I have to. In general, I don’t like missing work, even though it’s been taking so much effort to get out of bed recently…

Today I have classes at the school that is really nearby so I hit the snooze button and got up at 6:30. Today is also the school that lets me leave during lunchtime so I didn’t even worry about making food. In fact, today was special. I didn’t worry about breakfast either. Yup, today was my first SKIP day. Maybe it was the terribleness of the night before or the last few days, but I gave up on any cooking attempts today. I just left my house a bit early and got something at the conbini

I got two rice balls, a ham and cheese sandwich, and some snacks like a tiramisu and orange juice. I also still haven’t found my bottle so I also bought some water. I ended up only eating one of the rice balls and the tiramisu for breakfast. I was running a bit late but also, I got full quickly.

As for what I did with all that morning time, mostly, I just took a shower, did my laundry (put it out to dry), and then laid in bed until it was time to go. I also debated what to wear. I wish it was acceptable to just go to work in PJs because that’s all I ever want to wear in the summer. In the end, I went with some black pants and a t-shirt. Luckily, I didn’t have many classes so the level of dying was kept at a minimum. Also, there was a really nice (rather strong) breeze that made me worry about my clothes drying on my balcony

  • breakfast: rice ball, orange juice, tiramisu
  • lunch: rice ball, sandwich, orange juice

Unluckily, my car started to cry out for gas on my way to school so during my lunch break I actually went to fill up, did some more laundry (clothes were ok and still where I left them), and ate my sandwich, the meat rice ball, and some orange juice. I didn’t finish my orange juice so that ended up coming home with me at the end of the day.

And at the end of the day, I did my last bit of laundry. It was really windy around this time so I briefly wondered if perhaps there would be another typhoon but I hadn’t seen anything online so perhaps it was just a windy day?

– G

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