These last few days have not been great, from getting bad news from home to failing the Only Test That Matters, which is probably why Tuesday was no exception. Today I woke up around 6:30. I stayed in bed a few extra minutes because what is motivation?

Eventually, I got up and made my breakfast. This time I have a nice picture to show you all! This is generally how my lunches will look. I will have my main dish inside this middle container (or another square one that is deeper) and then I have two side “dishes”. It’s mainly just fruits, vegetables, or some sort of snack I can much on. I try to not take junk food since that’s not something the kids have access to / is encouraged

As for breakfast, I had the extra bits of egg that didn’t fit into the container. This is just a giant mushroom with egg, leeks, and yellow bell pepper on top. I was supposed to add cheese over everything but I forgot to (and only realized at lunchtime). I also threw in some tiny green peppers, which were kind of nasty. They were way more bitter than I expected

I also had some pineapple slices (which I love) and some cucumber pieces with salt and lemon.

Usually, this is enough to tide me over but I was just not feeling great the rest of the day. I thought perhaps I was hungry so I went to the grocery store to one) get more proteins (because the reason I made this is because I ran out) and two) to get something to eat. I ended up finding this sandwich piece. It’s honestly one of the most delicious sandwiches I’ve had EVER. I think it might be the sour cream because surely that’s sour cream in there?! Also, wow, I never thought cooked tomato would be this good

The first time I tried this sandwich was probably a few weeks ago but I was never able to happen upon it after that. Then I found this half slice and had to get it.

  • breakfast: bit of eggs with veggies
  • lunch: mushroom with eggs, leeks, and peppers, and some pineapple and cucumber slices
  • snacks: half a sandwich, Monster can, KitKat, smoothie, pocari, tea with honey and lemon

Still, I felt terrible. I realized by then that my headache was probably not related to being hungry. I’d already eaten this plus a few other snacks like a Monster (I should not…), a bar of chocolate, and some smoothie. I decided to call home because why not? It was already morning and I wasn’t very sleepy

I might have had a fever but it’s hard to tell. I had a thermometer and when I stuck it in my ear, I was ranging somewhere between 99.5 and 99.8, but it’s also hot so was I heating up because of a fever or because it was hot? I ended up taking some medicine, drank some pocari, and at my mom’s insistence, some herbal tea with lemon and honey

My mom’s guess was that everything was stressing me out and because I often bottle things up, I got a bit sick. I thought it might be that but also potentially slight dehydration. I had lost my water bottle, which is crazy considering it’s a 2L metal container, and therefore, hadn’t really been drinking many good fluids. I eventually went to bed

– G

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