9/12/22 & Driving Test

Today is the day! I woke up around 7:30 and wasn’t entirely sure how the day would pan out. I knew that I would be leaving school early, but did that mean I had to prepare lunch? I suddenly couldn’t remember at what time I had lunch on Mondays

I decided to prepare a lunch just in case. Since I still had a bit of meat left over from the day before, I just used that and made some white rice for lunch. I don’t have any pictures because I was too nervous this morning, hoping I wouldn’t forget something important, but just imagine maybe 5 pieces of this on top of white rice!

I also decided to dress a bit nicer. I usually wear clothes that I don’t mind getting dirty and that are easy to play in because, with 2 to 5-year-olds, you never know what might happen. I wore a dress and got so many “cute” comments from kids and teachers. They’d never seen me dressed up, haha

I suppose I’m lucky that I got placed with the younger kids. I stuck to one that was so focused on playing with this bug the school kept as a “pet” so I didn’t have to do much running. I also played with some Legos and eventually, 11:30 came around

  • breakfast: a spoonful of meat and rice
  • lunch: meat and rice
  • snack: spicy cucumber

I did not have lunch with my school. I had some time to go back home and eat my lunch and then the time came. I suppose I didn’t really feel the nervousness at first. Similarly to how I didn’t feel nervous about leaving for Japan until the moment I was boarding the plane, I didn’t get nervous until it was my turn to take the test and I got into the test car.

I botched it. I was so nervous that my mind got foggy and I hardly remember what I was doing. I figured “well I know how to drive, I drive every day, surely I’ll do fine”. As for why I failed…it’s embarrassing to say but it was because I didn’t make a complete stop at a stop. At least that’s what I was told. One, I can’t fight against what was said because my examiner was a police officer, and two, even if I could, I am not 100% sure I did or didn’t. That’s how nervous I was

I think part of the reason I am having trouble with this test is that it’s a course. I have to imagine traffic and people. It would be so much easier if I was actually on the road like many driving tests back in the states. Alas, I failed before it truly even started. My test was cut short and I now have to retake it. I have to go back in about two weeks. I’m nervous but exponentially less. I think it was the unknown that really messed with me, but now that I know how it will be, I feel a bit reassured.

Too bad it cost me time and 2550 yen

We got back to the office around 4:40 and I’m surprised that I didn’t make any more food. I think it was the nerves that kept me from being hungry! And maybe the disappointment. Still, I did drink a bit of green smoothie and ate this spicy cucumber I got from my school on Friday. One of the students there made it and was selling them for 30 yen

– G

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