I didn’t even realize today was 9/11 until I started writing this post, which is way too far into the future. Yup, I’m back dating again. With the news from yesterday, I was a bit exhausted. I went to bed close to 5am and only got (about) four hours of sleep. My body wouldn’t go back to bed even when I tried. I decided to just shut myself in today but also, I was starting to feel nervous about tomorrow’s driving exam

Today I decided to make the meat that I’d meant to yesterday. I realized I froze it again and decided to just go with the flow. I threw it onto a pan and hoped it wouldn’t take forever to thaw. I probably did this around 10:00. The problem is that I wasn’t sure how to season the meat. I ended up just mixing a bunch of things and hoping for the best

Those bunch of things ended up being some onions, orange seasoning, red wine vinegar, and some beef sauce. My plan was to eat this throughout the day but it actually ended up being more than I thought and I didn’t finish it. I did end up eating most of it but the rest I saved for tomorrow

Also, since it took FOREVER to cook through (this was a thick piece of meat, like half the size of my pinky or something), I also made an actual breakfast. I cooked up four eggs (runny is my all-time favorite!) and toasted a slice of bread. I’m starting to think that I want to keep buying this type of bread but it’s around 250 yen and the regular white bread is 100. I mean, the difference is not a lot but it adds up over time…

These two are the main things I ate today. I also ate some of the leftover junk food from yesterday, which included a tiramisu cup and an ice cream.

  • breakfast: 4 eggs and toast, tiramisu
  • lunch: meat and ice cream

Since moving to Japan, this weekend has been the second time I’ve cried. The first was probably sometime closer to when I arrived, maybe within the three-month arrival, and the reasons were different. This time it’s because of a loss while before it was just, IDK, a small depressive episode hitting. I felt a bit better by nighttime but at the same time, I felt guilty. Perhaps it’s because I’m not at home but part of me feels like the news is not real. I haven’t actually had to face it, not really

– G

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