It’s the weekend! I can’t say I’m feeling better but I like to think that slowly, SLOWLY, I am getting back to some of that energy from the fall and winter. The weather has gotten slightly better, but it’s a bit random. For example, yesterday was very tragic for me. There was a breeze but I couldn’t feel it indoors. So instead of feeling refreshing, it was just humid and sunny. My school did turn on the AC after lunch but by then I was already icky with sweat and just ready to be done. Luckily, after lunch I had no more classes so I could stay in the office and just cool down

Today is another windy day, but as I am writing this post at around 5pm, I’ve spent it indoors…mainly sleeping. I did some writing, but I also just woke up from a “nap”. I feel terrible. I ate before sleeping so I still feel some of that in my body, yet also I’m a bit hungry??

I keep thinking that today would have been a great day to go out. I left my window open for a few hours (with the curtain as a barrier) but then it was getting a bit warm. It was AC time

But yeah, this is a food post. What did I have for breakfast?

Well, I very sadly woke up semi-early. I blame this on the fact I fell asleep early yesterday. But even though I was starving, I was too lazy to make anything. I kept myself occupied until around 10:00 and then finally ate closer to 11:00. I decided to make something simple so out came the CookDO boxes

There are instructions on the back. I don’t always follow them so for the purple one, I did use eggplant (the last of the bit I had) but I also used many other veggies I had like asparagus, leeks, and okra. Now that I’m thinking about it, I missed my chance to use up those frozen veggies! Oh well

Then, because I had some noodles that were past the expiration date…I decided to make the beef CookDo, except, without the beef. My beef was still frozen because I forgot to take it out. Oops again. Instead, I used the noodles and veggies like mushrooms, leeks, and yellow bell pepper (not all of it, just a portion of it)

This is what came of my mixing of ingredients. I actually planned to only eat the noodle concoction but nothing really had any protein so I was REALLY hungry. And hungry from yesterday too. I ended up eating both plus a slice of bread (not toasted because I didn’t want to wash my dishes, haha)

I really liked the mixed veggies. I think I will be buying more of that eggplant CookDo. I was not a fan of the other CookDo. I could sort of tell I wasn’t going to like it when I smelled it. It smelled sweet and I don’t like sweet savory food. That’s actually a big critique I have about a lot of Japanese food. A lot of their food is sweet and my brain is like “no, this spaghetti should not be sweet why is it??”. But I mean, to each their own

I did add some spicy paste to it to kind of make it better (for my palette) but I think it was just not going to be a yay for me because of the sauce but also, it has noodles. What was I thinking when I got those? Probably that I wanted to try something different.

I’ll hold off on the noodles for a while

  • brunch: two CookDo dishes (veggies mix and noodles with veggies), a slice of bread
  • dinner/snack: latte, ice cream, crepe, 2 donuts, cake, and pudding

For dinner, I didn’t feel like doing anything. By this time the meat was already defrosted but I decided to just throw it back into the freezer. Again, oops. Instead, I tried to find a reason to go out and get some junk food that didn’t involve my walking. I didn’t want to walk but couldn’t convince myself to drive to the “corner store”. In the end, I decided to go get some cake and then stopped at the conbini near that place to get more junk

I ended up staying up until around 5am this day. Partially because I drank that latte in the first picture and partially because I ended up getting some bad news from home.

And so the bit of energy I built up disappeared

– G

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