It’s the end of the work week! Finally.

Woke up today feeling better but still not great. I also didn’t really know what to make even though my fridge was nice and full. Then, as I was looking around, I found some salmon I bought. I decided to make that since (like usual) I didn’t want it to go bad. It already had a bit of water accumulating on the foam plate. But I didn’t want to make rice so I took this chance to get through a few bags of frozen veggies

The first picture is what I ended up packing for lunch. I had to figure out how much could actually fit into my containers and most of it fit. I made it my priority to stuff all the salmon in. That meant that I had the second image of veggies left over. I ate those for breakfast

I made it all simple. The salmon was seasoned a bit and then soaked in lime juice, then, when it was almost done, I threw the veggies into the same pot. That’s why you can still see some salmon pieces in the second picture. I tried to remove as much of the salmon from my breakfast pile since I knew I had to fill up for lunch.

But just veggies for breakfast wasn’t going to be enough. I also made myself an egg sandwich like I did yesterday. It had the last bit of cheese I had in my fridge. Also, I forgot to take a picture of it when I first made it so I’d already eaten half of it

Last time I accidentally overcooked the egg because I was making my lunch at the same time. This time, I succeeded with the runny yolk because I left breakfast for last. It was so good! I also added some valentina to it, under the egg this time. Didn’t need my upper lip dying

For lunch, I also packed some carrot slices (maybe half of one) and the leftover smoothie drink from the other day. Yup, I still have it in the fridge now

  • breakfast: eggs with cheese on toast, veggie mix
  • lunch: salmon and green beans, carrot slices, a bit of smoothie
  • snack: sweet bread

NGL, I was hungry again at night but I didn’t want to make any food or go shopping. If I went shopping for something premade, I knew the snacks would come home with me too and THAT would be my dinner. I suppose it helped that I went to bed early and was kept occupied until around 7 so it wasn’t that bad

What kept me occupied? I need to get my driving license on Monday so I was studying. Also, I was working on a PPT for my school. I am nervous about Monday. I’ll post about that later

As for my lunch, the next time I pack salmon, I will also need to pack another protein

– G

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