I woke up today around 6:00. It’s a little strange still because I get up and do things but I still want to get back into bed and stay home doing nothing. How quickly the body gets used to doing nothing

Was I successful on the meal prep part of the morning? Sort of.

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8/30/22: Classes Resume Tomorrow AND…

I mentioned that I canceled school lunch recently. WELL, it’s finally come, the days where I must toil in the kitchen, wondering if my next meal might just be my last.

It’s no joke. I have actually given myself food poisoning before and my family thinks it’s hilarious. They also don’t let me cook unless I know what I’m doing and that is not very often

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What will I do after JET? Things to Consider

I haven’t even been in Japan for a year yet and this question has been digging holes into my brain. I suppose it’s because many JETs are either in the process of leaving or have already left, and the question that comes up when you’re leaving is “what will you do next?”. Many of the answers I’ve heard are that people don’t know and I thought to myself, I don’t want to not know when my time comes around

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Japanese Language Updates (Early August 2022) and Summers as an ALT

It looks like the last time I was active on here was in February, which also happens to be the last time I wrote one of these language updates. So, am I fluent yet? Am I able to speak with my coworkers or at least understand them? No. I am a BAD student.

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I canceled my school lunch

Before I moved to Japan, I was asked if I wanted to have school lunch. I instantly said yes for a few reasons. One, I don’t know how to cook all that well (and don’t have the energy to learn) and two, I wanted to eat something genuinely Japanese while in Japan. I opted in.

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