Language Study Goals: The Beginning of Frustration

I’ve been in Japan for three months now and I’m starting to feel some frustration welling up. And it has to do with the language. I’m very upset I don’t know Japanese.

While I can mostly get by with no Japanese (I mean, what’s so hard about grabbing stuff and then presenting money, right?), I’ve started to notice that I’m starting to struggle in other ways. I hate the fact that when I go to the store to buy anything, I can’t tell what the cashier is saying or asking me. Its probably something like “Do you want a bag?” or “Do you have a points card?” or even, “Do you want this all on one transaction?”. But I can’t tell. And I hate that I struggle buying train tickets, and that I can’t communicate with the people around me. New Year’s just passed and I can’t say “How was your vacation?” or “What did you do?”. And even if I could learn these two questions, I wouldn’t be able to understand their answers!

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La casa de papel (thoughts on characters) – spoilers hasta temporada 2

Ya terminé el primer atraco de La casa de papel y wow! La verdad es que sí me interesó la serie desde el principio pero no pensé que me gustaría tanto. Igual, sabía que quería escribir otro post de la serie pero no me podía callar unos detalles así que ahora es un post más rant que review (although the last wasn’t really a review either so maybe no importa)

En fin, incoming SPOILERS.

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