I have a problem…

My biggest problem, and I knew this would be the case before I flew across the country, is that I don’t know how to cook.

I know, I know. People can learn anything they want now from videos on YT or IG or TikTok. And it’s not that I don’t know how to cook anything at all, but the bit I know how to do is very basic. Like eggs and I thought I knew how to make rice but it’s been a STRUGGLE. I decided to skip getting a rice cooker because my family has never had a rice cooker before and so I don’t need one either. Also skipped on the microwave because my family has survived without one for 2 years and counting

But my family also has an amazing mom that cooks almost every day and everything from scratch. Nope, I don’t really eat frozen food and I don’t plan to start now. Unless it’s a frozen tiramisu.

Now, I knew I would struggle but I didn’t think I’d be struggling in the way I am.

I am wasting a lot of food.

I’m used to grocery shopping for a family of five and because my mom cooks nearly on a daily, the ingredients hardly ever go bad. Most of my stuff has gone bad because I don’t cook every day.

“The other day” I bought a carton of milk (like in the photo) and before I knew it, it had expired and I never even opened it. I knew this would happen a few times since I hardly ever drink milk but I thought I’d only waste, at most, half the carton. Not the whole thing…

So why did I buy it? WELL, I had planned to make some arroz con leche but I got lazy and kept procrastinating it and then the milk expired.

The day I dumped the milk, I also dumped a lot of veggies. I’d actually gone through these but I hadn’t finished them quickly enough. Again, I think my problem is that I’m calculating ingredients to match a pot of food for five people instead of just one person.

I made curry for Thanksgiving this year and I accidentally made enough for a week’s worth of eating. I’d never made curry for just one person. My mom laughed and said that I was probably going to be sick of curry by the time I finished it. I don’t think I am, but I’m probably not going to make some anytime soon

During the weekday, I bought a bag of shrimp. I told myself it was just me so I didn’t need a lot, although I do love shrimp so I would have eaten more if I had. BUT, the purpose of this “exercise” was to start thinking of buying for just me. My tomato went bad so I walked to the store for ONE tomato. My bag of shrimp also almost went bad. I guess I have three problems.

I can’t cook, I can’t cook for one person, and I keep procrastinating my cooking.

It also doesn’t help that I don’t eat late (unless I’m craving) so oftentimes I just tell myself, why cook if I don’t eat dinner? I’ll do it tomorrow.

But tomorrow doesn’t always come.

Ah, I need to work this out.

– G

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