Pikmin Bloom, Level 30

It’s been about a month since I started using this app and I’m happy to note that I have made it to level 30!

Like I mentioned in my last Pikmin update, Pikmin Bloom is a game that counts your steps and makes them worth Pikmin, tiny flower creatures, that you can then grow, level up, and use to do your bidding (ie. collect fruits and other Pikmin). Basically, it’s a fun motivator if you like to walk or want to try making walking a habit.

And since my last update, I’ve come to meet more Pikmin types, new challenges, and other not-so-interesting features of this app.

I’ve been able to grow four new Pikmin colors – purple, white, pink, and grey. And like I was trying to do before, I’ve been trying to keep my numbers pretty even. There are times when I do struggle to do this, like when I plant a Huge Seedling. With Huge Seedlings, the type of Pikmin that will bloom will always be a surprise. So while I will be ecstatic about getting a new grey Pikmin, I may not be so happy about two yellow Pikmin in a row

That’s sort of what happened with my recent Huge Seedlings. I got a bunch of yellow and grey Pikmin. The grey Pikmin was my latest reveal so any greys that bloomed were always a good thing, especially since I was having trouble (at first) finding grey seedlings.

I’m not sure if I mentioned this before but when you go to new areas, it’s more likely that you will get a larger variety of Pikmin seedlings. I know that when I go exploring, that’s usually when I get most of my Huge Seedlings.

I’ve also been able to start doing challenges. Challenges are when you send your Pikmin to destroy a mushroom and get loot! When you’re first introduced to challenges, which I believe was somewhere in the mid to late-teens range, you only get to send a limited amount of Pikmin to destroy the mushrooms, but as you level up, your allowance also increases. At level 30, I’m able to send 25 Pikmin. Once I’m at 31, I should be able to send 26 of them

What I usually do is reorder my Pikmin by friendship level and send the Pikmin with the least friendship hearts, that way I’m able to level them up. I also add them to my squad so I can feed them and have them walk with me (making the friendship level increase).

I’ve also tried sending out my more “experienced” Pikmin to destroy Mushrooms, to see if they do any better than my newer Pikmin and I haven’t really seen a difference.

I usually send out my Pikmin at the start of the day since it can take a while for them to destroy the mushroom, depending on its size. At my level, my Pikmin are able to get 2 stars on a Small Mushroom, but still only a 1 star on anything bigger. Once a mushroom is destroyed, the Pikmin are able to collect fruits and a postcard!

I actually really like the postcards because they can work as souvenirs of places you visit. For example, I went to Izumo Taisha recently and I played Pikmin Bloom while I was there because why not? My Pikmin picked up a few postcards and now I have a pretty neat and unexpected souvenir of my time there!

You’re also able to collect postcards during expeditions. I’ve noticed my Pikmin bring back postcards from fruits that are collected from Blooming Flowers (ie. the giant Poke-esque Stop Flower) and anywhere that’s a pretty long distance

I mentioned in my last post that I was curious about these giants “Stops”. From my understanding, fruits from these flowers are much larger than most other fruits the Pikmin usually collect, which means you’re able to collect more nectar from them. Also, fruits from these flowers can also be “special nectars” that will make your Pikmin bloom white pansy, red pansy, blue pansy, or red rose petals on their heads.

Usually, the types of flowers one plants during walks can help influence the type of nectar (special or not) a “Stop” will bloom. I usually plant regular flowers so most of the nectars I collect are just your usual reds and yellows. The only reason I even get the special nectars is (probably) because of flowers that other players in the area have planted

Once you level up your Pikmin to four hearts, they will let you know they want to go on an expedition. I’ve noticed these expeditions can be very short (a new minutes) or extremely long (many hours). I suppose it depends on the places you’ve visited.

Basically, your Pikmin will go on an expedition and bring back something “they found”.

When you plant Huge Seedlings, the Pikmin will be a certain color but will also have a little something extra. For example, it might have a fishing hook, or movie glasses, or a comb. These are called decor Pikmin. That’s also why those Pikmin cost 10,000 steps to bloom. But after you level up your Pikmin to four hearts, those Pikmin will go out and pick up a decor item they “found”.

And since Huge Seedling Pikmin already have their decor item, after they reach four hearts…well, they don’t go on expeditions to pick up items they’ve “found”.

There are achievements you can get for decor Pikmin and the items they find all depend on where you’ve visited. Most of the Pikmin that find things in my town tend to be just regular stickers, but when I went to the mall one day and passed by the theatre, some of my Pikmin started to find popcorn and movie glasses. I also have a few cafe Pikmin because I like to visit cafes. And after a few nature walks, I started to pick up more forest Pikmin!

They make for some interesting and cute Pikmin photoshoots

I guess the thing I’m not a super fan of is that achievements are easy to collect at first, but then second or third levels jump so high it almost feels like it will take forever to collect them. For example, I managed to bloom 40 Pikmin and got that achievement, but now I have to bloom 400 Pikmin to get the next badge! Or the step counter. I managed the 100,000 step badge but now the next one requires 1,000,000 steps! It’s going to take a while…

One thing that I wish could be more developed is the friends option. If you’re in close range with a friend, you are able to plant flowers with them and your avatars will be together virtually. But other than that (that I know of), a friend is just someone on your list. You can’t really see their badges, just the number of them. And you can send each other postcards, but that’s about all you can really do…

Speaking of, where exactly are my postcards?! I can view them when I want to send one to a friend but I kind of don’t want to give them away…At least not the more souvenir-type ones. And what about the badges that my friends have sent me, where are those?!

Anyway, as you can see, I’ve still been enjoying the app and playing more actively. Let’s see how long it takes for me to get all 3 stars for those mushroom challenges!

– G

One thought on “Pikmin Bloom, Level 30

  1. You can get a better score on the mushroom challenges based on your friendship level and color of the pikmin. Say the color of the mushroom you’re destroying is red, you want to send out all you max level red pikmen. They will complete it significantly faster. It shows your attack power while ur selecting ur pikmin and you can see when you send out the ones that match the mushroom color and that are max level it will be higher πŸ™‚


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