Pikmin Bloom

The other day a coworker of mine introduced me to an app called Pikmin Bloom and I’ve kind of been exploring the city with my tiny and cute little flower minions.

Pikmin Bloom is an app that tracks your steps but makes it fun. Look familiar? Well, I sort of gave up on Pokemon GO for the time being. I mean, I went from my barren Poke-stop lands to another barren Poke-stop land. I mean, there are a few stops near my house, but not enough for me to be able to play without getting frustrated. There are a lot of Pokemon but not enough Poke-balls…

Which is why I decided to switch to this one! I’m already walking anyway, may as well get something fun out of it

In Pikmin Bloom, there are these cute little flower creatures that are not visible to us mere humans, but using the power of technology, specifically, our smartphones, they become visible and we can use them to wreak havoc across the land!!!

It just costs us a few thousand steps because these Pikmin start off as seedlings. We are given a freebie when we start the app but after that, we have to start putting in the work.

We also learn that Pikmin, on our walks, gather items that we can then collect. It’s usually some sort of fruit, which we can then turn into nectar that we can use to feed our Pikmin, but sometimes they also collect seedlings. Which is how we start to bloom even more Pikmin.

When you start the game, you also have some limitations.

One, you can only bloom certain Pikmin colors. I walk a lot in a single day so I can’t exactly remember which you start with, but I believe it’s with yellow Pikmin. After that, you can bloom red Pikmin, and, I’m currently able to bloom blue Pikmin. I’ve also just received a “Huge” seedling, which costs more steps to make it bloom, but will apparently be worth it

Each regular seedling costs 1,000 steps to bloom. I usually have the app running in the background so that it can track my steps, but actively playing the game is the best way to really get all your points per level.

For example, today I decided to actively play it and was able to bloom about 9 Pikmin, instead of the usual 2 or 3 that I do while just running the app in the background.

When you plant seedlings in your backpack, you only have two permanent pots, so in order to be able to plant more Pikmin, you have to keep leveling up, which then earns you goodies like extra temporary pots and special seedlings (like the “Huge” one I mentioned).

And if you have a queue of seedlings, you can decide which colors to plant first. I haven’t really figured out if this matters, but I try to keep my colors even, although I think I may have more yellows and reds than I do blues.

Another limitation that you have is how many Pikmin you can have in your squad. You’re allowed more Pikmin in your active squad, the Pikmin that walk around with you, every time you level up.

I’m at level 12 and my squad contains 12 Pikmin, but I have a total of 20 Pikmin.

Another neat thing that I learned about Pikmin Bloom today is that Pikmin don’t just follow you along on your walks, you can also tell them to go on expeditions (although you always have to have at least one walking with you). Expeditions are when Pikmin go out into the wilds to fetch certain items for you.

You can usually see how many expeditions are available to you on your homepage.

Expedition items can be seedlings and/or fruits. When you send your Pikmin out on expeditions, your friendship levels increase. Actually, this is probably a big part of the whole Pikmin thing. Whenever you feed your Pikmin, you can increase your friendship levels as well, although, the Pikmin won’t always eat since they do get full.

I believe the big goal in terms of friendship levels, is to get your Pikmin at 4 hearts.

It’s one of the cutest things to send out my Pikmin and then see them run off and group-work haul some item back to me. Also, you can be indoors and not walking to have them go on expeditions. I did a few of them while I was walking and then whatever was leftover after my walk.

Expeditions usually require 2, 6, or 12 Pikmin to complete. For expeditions that allow you to choose 6 or 12 Pikmin, the more you pick, the less time it takes for them to bring whatever it is you told them to bring you. I think the longest expedition I’ve had was just over 20 minutes.

I didn’t mention it, but the flowers all over the landscape, those are actually “planted” by players. Whenever you feed your Pikmin, they start to sprout flowers on their heads and you can collect these flowers and then plant them.

I haven’t actually figured out what these are for or how they work during walks. I know that when walking while planting flowers, you’ll help the giant Poke-stop-esque plants bloom. But again, I’m not sure what those plants are for. Maybe that will be my next mission.

I’m having quite some fun with this app.

– G

3 thoughts on “Pikmin Bloom

  1. I got an email from Nintendo about this app. I tried it out over the weekend and I really enjoyed it, for a lot of the reasons you mention here. It’s also just a great way to get me off my rump, which the cuteness of this game makes it very worth it.

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    1. Yes! There are some days where I didn’t want to go out and then I’d be “but the Pikmin” and I’d get up and do a bit of walking lol! Also cool, if I ever got an email, it got lost in the void, so I’m glad my coworker mentioned it!


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