A Day of Lost Cake and Watching Live Baseball

ICYMI, Culture Day just passed!

That day I was wondering to myself, “what will I do?” I spent quite a bit of time trying to figure this out and at the end, I decided on food. I told myself I would go get some real food and dessert. As you may have seen in this post, that’s sort of my preferred combination of food buying.


The first place I went to was actually a cake shop because *priorities*

As you can see, it was a very sunny day, which I didn’t expect because the forecast said it would rain around 10am for a few hours. There was no rain. I could have done my laundry!

Anyway, I went to this cute little place thinking I would eat some cake, maybe wait a few hours, and then go eat at a restaurant. Solid plan, right? Well…

It just so happens that this place was pick-up only and not dine-in. How did I miss this?! Probably because I’d looked up so many cake shops and bakeries that I just forgot what info went with what store. But, ok, I figured it wasn’t a big deal. I would buy something and then head somewhere to eat it. Or maybe just eat it in my car.

Also, they had this nice little sale going on with their Halloween cookies, so I decided to indulge a bit.

Oh, and seeing the Halloween and Christmas stuff together, side by side, was kind of hilarious. But it’s nice to see that in Japan they also neglect Thanksgiving and jump straight into Christmas. I know a lot of people say Japan doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving but that’s not what my work schedule says. It looks like I’ll have another off day then

The cookies…well, they were cookies. I pretty much ate both of them one after the other, which is probably why I felt they were very sweet. That said, the ghost cookie was actually two of them! The top one was really sweet, but under that one was another piece without decorations and that one was nice and bitter.

I also ended up buying two “donuts”, which you can vaguely see in the previous gallery set. They’re set up in a corner and I wasn’t really sure what else to buy. They had a bunch of typical circular cookies too, but I decided on the donuts because the flavors sounded interesting to me.

I ended up getting a sweet potato one and a green tea one. I ate those at the end of the day, on my way back home. They were so good!! Especially the sweet potato one! I would go back to this place just for these donuts.

Sadly, no picture since I was driving and impatient, but maybe I’ll make a return trip one day


Let’s return to the story. Yes, this is a story!

I visited the cake shop, bought some cake and other goodies, ate two of the cookies, and began to drive around. I figured that since I was in the area, I should go to this gyuudon place that I visited with my supervisor the first week I arrived. Actually, I think it was also the first day!

As for why I went back…I just wanted to try something else on their menu. When I went there the first time, I remember that there had been a lot of options and so I decided I should try something different.

I ended up getting one of their gyuudon sets, which came with a side of salad and miso soup? Here we go again with the “ate something but isn’t sure What”. Actually, I think I upgraded to the miso soup. At least, that was my intention, but with the language barrier, I’m not 100% sure I succeeded (and after ordering, I blanked on what I should have received, lol)

The gyuudon I chose for this meal was a cheese one. After the curry dish at YOUME, I thought I’d try another cheese topped dish. This one wasn’t as successful as the previous one. I did think it was ok, but I just don’t think gyuudon is for me. At least, non-spicy. And as many people have told me, I’m not going to find the spicy in Japan


After eating at Sukiya, I thought to myself, “Ok, I don’t want to go home yet, it’s still very early, where else can I eat my cake at?” Because no, I still hadn’t eaten my cake. My answer – the park! So one of the nearby parks was this Sports Park. I remember trying to walk here once but gave up because it was dark and nature was being spooky, but since it was still daylight, I thought, why not?

I still haven’t figured out if this was a good idea or not

I parked in their lot, hoping it wasn’t some sort of special lot, and then headed over to one of the benches.

It was time to eat my cake! And apple pie. I wasn’t going to get the apple pie but it just looked really nice and I let temptation win. Luckily, nothing was super expensive. I think I spent just under $12USD. Yes, I still use dollars for my calculations

The pie was on the sweet side, which I imagined it would after I saw how shiny it was. Not to mention that apples are usually sweet anyway, but it was good. Softer than I was expecting. I actually only ended up eating a bit of the pie because it was at this time that I heard kids screaming. I figured there was a baseball game happening and so I decided to check it out.

The problem was that I didn’t know where the entrance to the sitting area was at. I walked up along some nearby stairs but they, in hindsight, may have been behind the scoreboard. So I just kind of walked along a little path of leaves. There was a small hill along this path that seemed to circle the whole baseball area. Once I got closer, I decided, “Hey, let me climb this little hill and just peer at what’s going on…”

Suffice to say that the cake did not survive.

The little hill was actually really steep and when I tried to go up, I actually slipped…and dropped the box with the cake (along with my glasses and water bottle but who cares about those). Luckily, there was nobody around who saw this.

At this point, since the cake died, I just stuffed the box into my backpack and just went over to see the game. It was VERY sunny. Before leaving my house, I thought about bringing my cap, but since the forecast said it would rain…I decided not to bring it. Big Mistake.

Also, I got really toasty. You can see the line on my arms where my t-shirt sleeve covered my upper arms and woah, I felt it for the whole 3-4 hours I was there. At first I was just squinting against the sun, but later I used my hoodie to sort of protect myself.

I was only intending to watch this game, which was about halfway through. I’ve never actually watched a baseball game before as an audience member. I remember playing softball when I was a kid, but that’s about it. I actually really enjoyed it!

It was so cute to see all the kids playing. Some of them were SO TINY that it looked like the bats they were holding were almost bigger than them. Then, some of them couldn’t even get from base to base, and I remember one or two of the catchers couldn’t throw all the way to second from home. It was so precious!!

I don’t have much to comment about this game. I only know one of the team names because I was sitting on their side of the audience seats and my unknowledgeable self didn’t realize that the scoreboard was to my left (in the field) until maybe two hours of just sitting there, so I don’t even know who won the game.

Then, just when I thought everything had ended, another team came out of the dugouts!

I figured that since I had nothing planned, I may as well stay for this game. Again, I only got the name of the team on my side of the audience because I just so happen to be sitting on this side. But these two were easier to distinguish because of their uniforms, so I called them the Blue and Red teams!

I was actually surprised by this game.

At this point, I was starting to follow what was going on. Partially because my Daiya knowledge was finally kicking in, and partially because I FINALLY noticed the scoreboard, which had the lights light up next to Strike, Ball, and Out. Genius, I know.

But the thing that surprised me about this game was the outcome. The Blue team, where I was sitting, seemed to be at a disadvantage. They were having trouble getting on base and I remember there were maybe two innings where they just didn’t score. Meanwhile, the Red team had some really decent batting. I felt they were hitting the ball more often, and therefore getting on base more.

Then…it happened!

It seemed that the Blue team just took a bit longer to get running because suddenly they were on par with the Red team’s batting and getting on base. I remember that in one inning, the Red team just shut them down. I think they got those outs one after the other. But soon after going out to bat, the teams switched. I was like “Nooooo” but then the Blue team shut down the Red team!

I didn’t know where this would go and it was pretty exciting

Sadly, I think the game was called. In the sixth, the Blue team had 12 points and the Red team was still at 4. I think they both played really well, but after the Blue team gained momentum, the Red team started to make small mistakes that really cost them some points. Just little things like not catching the ball or hesitating. Or perhaps, when you’re on the field, everything is happening so quickly that sometimes you just don’t register where you should throw the ball

But even with these mistakes, I felt like both teams were really daring. There was some base stealing that made me nervous and I’d be like WOAH when it worked out. And even when it didn’t, I was super impressed. The initiative these kids have!

They were so cool out there!

So yes, my cake was a semi-bust (I still managed to taste it when I got home later, it just…wasn’t at its best), but I think I got to experience something better.

And now I want to ask my schools about their teams and if I can go see their games. There are quite a few baseball and volleyball players in my classes. Sports are pretty big at all the schools, or at least that’s the impression I’ve gotten. And I’d been sort of avoiding the topic because I wasn’t sure what my showing interest entailed and I didn’t want to commit to something I might not really enjoy. But I think I’d be up to bringing it up now.

– G

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