So Much Ramen, Not Enough Space

One of the things I want to do while in Japan is try a lot of food.

I’ve been spending a lot of my hours just going around Maps and bookmarking a lot of places I’d like to check out. Most of them are cafes and other pastry shops, but I’ve also been looking at some of the restaurants. One that was recommended to me was a ramen shop called “Matsuki”.

Here’s a picture of the place as I passed by one night.

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Adachi Museum of Art

I’m the type of person who wakes up early.

Partially because all my jobs have required me (because of commuting, but also because they’re just early shifts) to wake up sometime between 2am to 4am to get ready. This means that without meaning to, I just always wake up early. I also ended up waking up early over the weekends and on one particular Sunday, I decided to go to the museum.

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A Day of Lost Cake and Watching Live Baseball

ICYMI, Culture Day just passed!

That day I was wondering to myself, “what will I do?” I spent quite a bit of time trying to figure this out and at the end, I decided on food. I told myself I would go get some real food and dessert. As you may have seen in this post, that’s sort of my preferred combination of food buying.

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JET Tips: The Question of Recommendation Letters

With JET applications open, it’s time to get to writing AND contacting people to write those recommendation letters for you!

Pardon any typos and messy formatting, I’m on my phone.

Again, I’m no expert. This list just contains some tips based on some of my own failures and successes over the years

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