Playing Pokemon GO Again

It’s been a while but I finally decided to start playing Pokemon GO again. I’m not sure if this will lead to anything. I mean, I could get bored of it again but suddenly I thought, I want to catch Pokemon

I want to say that a lot of things have changed since I last played, but I wouldn’t really know. I was still at a very low level and all I really did was catch a few pokemon. But I noticed that now there are Team Rocket Stops, which are apparently just your usual Poke-stop but with a Team Rocket member. Apparently, you can fight these members and potentially earn more items from stops

I haven’t tried it yet

One of the reasons that I lost interest in Pokemon GO was that I live at a Pokemon barren wasteland. I can find Pokemon, but I can’t find many Poke-stops and one day I ran out of Poke-balls and didn’t want to spend IRL currency.

Except that’s exactly what I did. I spent some money on upgrading my space and it almost feels like it wasn’t worth it. I still ran out of space quickly. Big regret, won’t happen again

I haven’t really figured out how battles work, so if anyone wants to drop me some tips or a link to more info, that would be great! Like, what happens if I lose? How exactly does one fight? What CP should my Pokemon be at for them to stand a chance? Likewise, is that how we determine losses and wins? I think I’ll start small with those Team Rocket members

If I ever find a stop like that. I won’t be near many Poke-stops for some time

– G

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