[Pre-departure] Starting the Packing Process

One month from now I will be in Japan. I will be sitting in a small hotel room where I will have to quarantine for two weeks before being sent off to my new home. This means that I should hurry up and start getting ready, right?

I’m trying. This week I have a lot to do including sending out my visa application and contacting my bank for various reasons, but one thing I’ve been meaning to start is packing. Actually, I sort of did a few weeks ago. I started to put away some pants and shirts and maybe a few leggings that I figured I could go without for the next two months.

I had to reopen my bag twice. Oops!

I restarted the packing process two days ago and it was a TRIAL. Because of Covid, we’re not being allowed to bring too many bags. I haven’t flown international in many years, but I do know that if you want to take an extra bag or two, it’s only a few bucks and since this is something I plan to do for an extended amount of time, I figured I should pack all I might need, right?

Well, I can’t exactly. It’s down to whatever I can fit into two 50lb checked bags and one personal item (again, JET restrictions, I’m sure the airline would allow a carry on as well)

I thought to myself, it’s fine, I can do this

I won’t be taking any blankets or towels, which saves me a TON of space (even though it breaks my heart to leave them behind, I get attached to things so easily!). I also already put it into my big head that I won’t be taking books (or at least, no more than a handful). I really need to limit myself.

But then I saw a tiny bear plushie I have and suddenly I remembered ALL the plushies I own! I can’t leave those too!!

Except I might have to. As you can see, they don’t really fit in my bag!

Oh hey! Two of them managed to sneak inside!! Also, pardon the bag. It’s old and we have dogs

So I’m finally finished packing one bag. I almost wasn’t able to close it but with a bit of rearranging, it all works. It’s a little too close to 50lbs for my comfort, but I think I’ll be fine. I put a few things on the outer pockets that, if it somehow weights over, I can just take out and put into my backpack.

The problem, somehow, is my second bag!

I’m actually not sure what else to put inside. It’s slightly larger than the red bag, so I probably don’t have to even worry about rolling my clothes, but better safe then repacking, right? Maybe. Anyway, I only have a few clothes left to pack, most of them thin and small (PJs. Since I no longer have to interact with society, I am not wearing anything but PJs all day every day)

I also gave myself the luxury of packing a bag of books in my red suitcase and another bag in this one (that’s what’s inside the cute café bag there), and MAYBE a few more in my backpack (those are fine, as long as I can carry it on my back, the backpack is fair game) – but now what? I’ve been looking through my room to find what else to throw in there and I can’t think of anything

There are a few trinkets, but those are fragile so I plan to throw those in my backpack, and there are a few shoes, but I want to leave those for last. Like my blankets, those will all mostly be left behind. I will have the ones on my feet (will probably wear the bulkiest pair, say goodbye to comfort), I threw another pair in my red suitcase, will throw one more pair in my backpack, so maybe this one will get one pair towards the end.

That’s a good amount

Who knew it would be so tough to figure out how to fill a second bag!

– G

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