En español: sentimientos conflictos con mi herencia hispana

Hoy estaba hablando con mi hermano de que no me siento lo suficiente mexicana. Mis padres no convivieron con sus padres porque se fueron de casa a los 14-16 años, entonces nosotros (mis hermanos y yo) no crecimos exactamente como niños mexicanos pero tampoco como niños americanos

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[Pre-departure] Starting the Packing Process

One month from now I will be in Japan. I will be sitting in a small hotel room where I will have to quarantine for two weeks before being sent off to my new home. This means that I should hurry up and start getting ready, right?

I’m trying. This week I have a lot to do including sending out my visa application and contacting my bank for various reasons, but one thing I’ve been meaning to start is packing. Actually, I sort of did a few weeks ago. I started to put away some pants and shirts and maybe a few leggings that I figured I could go without for the next two months.

I had to reopen my bag twice. Oops!

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