[Haul] Delicious Spot Cafe Series by eggbuttertoast

My latest haul!! I’ve been super excited to share with you all but I had to wait until today because work. Actually, I somehow ended up sleeping for ELEVEN HOURS. I guess I was tired!

Also, ICYMI, I talked about Nao’s Calico Series HERE

I really like spreading everything out and then taking a picture of everything together so here’s that one! As you can see, there are fewer items in this haul than the last. For one, there are no keychains because I wasn’t sure if I’d already purchased them in the last haul (I had my brother do this purchase because I would be driving home when the store opened). So to not risk it, I decided to just get the obvious new items! I also almost didn’t buy the prints for the same reason but Nao said it was all new so to the cart they went!!

Last time my package came in super quickly but this time it took the whole month for it to arrive so I was a bit worried. I got it the night before Nao opened the store last week and I opened it during work the next day. In fact, I had quite some fun opening it!

Like usual, the packaging was super cute!! There was a spot cafe stamp on the envelope, which I’ve decided to keep for later decorating. The wrapping paper was the trademark eggbuttertoast design and all the envelopes with the prints and stickers had some cute stickers used to close them. It was a struggle to keep them in tact. Again, I plan to keep these as well

The only “problem” I had with packaging this time around was that my menu and cafe prints were a bit bent on one end. I think it was just packaged a bit too tightly (chip boards, I recall, tend to do that since they’re so thick), but it wasn’t something I couldn’t fix. I just smoothed it out. These were also the largest prints of the haul so I wonder if maybe that was also a factor. The smaller prints were placed inside small envelopes with no support, but I think they were placed inside the pencil bag, meanwhile the bigger prints wouldn’t have fit??

note: I don’t actually remember how everything was packed, I was too excited about opening everything *cries*

As for the small prints, as soon as I touched them, I realized they were printed on different paper! I double checked with the previous haul’s prints and then I had another conflict. Which did I like better? I really liked the way the new prints felt and looked (not shiny or glossy), but the last prints also had more vibrancy to them, so really, I still really enjoyed everything!! I doubt my phone’s camera can capture this detail

Here are more detailed shots for the rest of the items

My cooking skills are almost non-existent but you bet I suddenly want to try making these dishes! I’m sure they won’t look as amazing as the prints, but perhaps one day I can try my hand at them. Plus, they look extra delicious. I seriously want to eat them!!

There were also some toast stickers I really wanted to get but they ran out by the time I was ready to check out. Maybe they’ll be restocked one day

My desktop had a few sticker additions! Actually, I’ve never had so many stickers so I’m slightly at a loss with what to do with them. I’ve added a few to my tower and to my water bottle, but where else can I use them? Decisions, decisions

And here is my water bottle with the new stickers! I instantly knew I had to add these two bunny ones because of the mischievous expressions!!

Everything else has currently gone into storage. Since I’ll be moving in October, I figured I’d just leave them put away so I don’t forget them. Yes, I’ve already put them in my suitcase. I am ready to GO

If you haven’t checked out Nao’s stuff, I definitely recommend you do! Apparently there will be new items soon so you bet I’m EXCITED. Although I’m rather worried about where I should ship it to. HMMM

– G

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