[Announcement] The Time Has Come!

Hey everyone and welcome to THE announcement post!

Yes, I’ve been keeping this new job of mine a secret from pretty much everyone, except the must knows (current jobs’ bosses and coworkers), but things have been moving forward and I figured it was time to “tell all”. Or at least the short version of it all…

In late 2019, I applied to be an ALT (Assistant Language Teacher) via the USA JET (Japanese Exchange and Teaching) Program. With the help of multiple appointments at my school’s writing center and the amazing feedback from a (now) JET alum, I somehow managed to get an interview a few months later!

Me in the bathroom before my interview

Suffice to say I was nervous!! This was something I really wanted to do, so I did as much research and “preparing” as I could, and before I knew it, The Day had come

There isn’t much to go off of from the interviews, about who may or may not be accepted. Like usual, many of us focused on where we lacked “correct” answers to the interview questions. We got to know each other and all crossed our fingers for good news in April. The wait was terribly long

Then April arrived and I got my notice of acceptance!!

I was confused and surprised (Why me? How did I not bomb the interview?!) but, more importantly, I was extremely excited. I wanted to share this accomplishment with everyone I knew, but I decided to keep things on the low since I still had very few answers and the process was only just beginning. If you’ve not visited the JET website, the process takes months. Not to mention it still didn’t truly feel real. It probably wouldn’t feel real until I was in Japan!

But, as you all know, this was also around the time COVID-19 seriously hit the US. Many places, schools and workplaces, were closed temporarily (some sadly never reopened and others only just), and our trip to Japan was not an exception. Everyone who was accepted for the 2020 year, were asked (if we were still interested in being ALTs) to stay put “until further notice”

The real question is, did I wear my colorful socks to the interview?

Fast-forward to the present and yes, it’s that time.

I have a general idea of where I’ll be stationed in Japan but no news yet about my contracting school. It’s not what I asked for, which I knew would be the case, but it’s nearly what I requested, which I’m excited about!

After being in limbo for a year, it’s nice to finally see things moving along. In fact, it’s so sudden that I’m also nervous and afraid I might miss something important! Gotta keep on top of things!

And it’s because of this that I’ve finally sat down to create this blog. I will be posting about the JET program and my life in Japan, as well as many of my hobbies that I feel fit in with this new chapter in my life

I only just got the news of my placement a few days ago and I still feel a bit dazed. It’s starting to feel more real and I love the feeling

– G

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